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Cubicus Classic - ConceptDemo

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Legends tell us that #Cubicus is a huge simulation created by the devil himself. Destroy it... and release all the prisoners.

You can: 

  • Jump on the platforms, break boxes and mow the grass in the simulation mode.
  • Run applications in the fake operating system.
  • Kill enemies and take their souls... (But you don't want to do it, do you?).

So, our world is all yours.


The game was developed by this developer:

  • @DanielPancake - code, plot, characters, graphics, some sounds and music, the design of the characters.


  • 0.4.9

  • 0.4.7 Finale
    Correct almost all errors in text.

  • 0.4.5 New Update after the last one :P
    Coming soon.

  • 0.4 LastUpdate [11.08]

  • 0.3.8 Fixed
    Correct errors in the text.

  • 0.3.7 [05.08.17]
    Correct errors in text.

  • 0.3.7 BugFix

  • 0.3.5 FinalDemo
    New game mechanic.
    New RPG-like battle system.
    Welcome to the 'Great Simulation'.
    New awesome characters... or not) (so, not)
    Useless internet browser.

Fixed bugs:

    • Snake could destroy itself.
    • Bullets wasn't be able to find the player.
    • Player could fly over the screen.
    • Mouse movement bug.
    • Text errors.
    • Sound error.
    • Save error.
  • 0.3.25-7:
    Save & load.
    Big bug fix.

  • 0.3.25-5 FIX:
    New audio engine.
    Bug fix.

  • 0.3.25-5:
    Now you can play snake while loading. It's a little weird, but now not so boring.

  • 0.3.2:
    Add one mini-game.
    Bug fix.

  • 0.3.15:
    The first demo build.

(I apologize for errors in the text.)


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